Sunday, November 9, 2014

Pray can truly be Powerful!

Letter #61
October 27, 2014
Area: Broadway 2 Central
Companion: Heath

This week was just full of miracles.  We are still working on building up the area, but on Friday we had interviews with President Drake, where he told me to start praying more specifically to have my righteous desires be brought forth in the area. I have been doing that, and we started seeing results immediately!  Heavenly Father is there, always, just waiting on us to ask/pray for the right things that will help us most, and he always delivers (ie. blesses us)!

20 October 2014

We went out after P-Day, sadly getting out a little late, so we headed straight to dinner with Mark, one of our members, where we ate quickly, so we would have enough time to ride the 15 minutes to our appointment with Suyapa and Jorge, the part-member family.  We had scheduled a member to be with us, but he had to cancel. This whole time I was praying that they would be home because we really needed/wanted to talk with them.  I was also praying that we would get there on time and know what we needed to say. When we got there, well, they weren't home... 

It was already about 8:00 pm, but we wanted to stay near-by, just in case they showed up. We noticed that one of their neighbor families was outside cooking on their grill and having a good time, probably a family party, so we decided to say hi and just talk with them a little. They told us their names, Alma and Gumaro, and ended up inviting us to eat with them and wouldn't take no for an answer, so we sat down and just had a good normal conversation, that ended up turning to the topic of religion. We started talking about what makes our church different, and they seemed interested when we said that we know that God has called a prophet to guide us in these days. We ended up talking to them about how they can know for themselves, and about how the Book of Mormon is the key to that. We gave them a Book of Mormon, invited them to read from the introduction, and we asked them when we could come back. They told us that Saturday is when they wouldn't have work, so it would be fine to come then. 

By the time we left it was already about 9:10, and as we were getting up to go, when Suyapa called us to see where we went because our bikes were still outside their home. We accidentally missed the call, but right when the phone stopped ringing, we saw them getting out of their truck, so we called to them and talked briefly. They invited us in, but we explained that it was late, so we set up an appointment for Wednesday. 

We were so blessed to go there and find them not home.  We found a new family, and we still got to reschedule the appointment (which we were able to with them and teach the lesson that we had planned), but I realize that we wouldn't have been able to meet Alma and Gumaro had the 'planned schedule' been fulfilled.

24 October 2014

Had interviews with President Drake, but they took a little longer than we thought we would, so we were running late getting to our area. We had an appointment set at 4:30 pm, but it was already 4:15 and we were barely getting home (and we still had to change and go on the 30 minute bike ride there). We left with faith that it would all go well, and we prayed that we would be able to at least set another time to come back if we weren't able to teach her then.

On the way out, we were biking really fast and while riding, I remembered the scripture that it is not right for God's elders (missionaries) to be moving quickly while the people beside us are dying from unbelief. I realized that we should still talk to people on the way, since there was no way for us to be on time.  So I repented and prayed that God would put some people in our way that He has prepared for the gospel while we were riding. We saw some people holding a garage sale and we pulled over and looked at some of the stuff to make it less awkward, then we started talking to them. They asked what we were going around doing and we obviously answered that we were missionaries and how we bring a message to the world that God has once again called a prophet to teach the truth. They were interested, so we talked a little more about it and gave them cards to receive the evidence that God has given of this event, The Book of Mormon. One of them said that he knew this was from God and that God had sent us to tell them these things (which really made us think that he was a member), but he said that he would make sure they called the number on the card to receive a free copy. After that, we thanked them for their time and went on our way.

Soon after that first encounter with people, we passed by these two guys that looked like they were in their early twenties, and I felt like we should stop and talk with them. I sadly passed by them, but I decided that it would be the right thing to do to go back to talk with them even if it seemed ackward for me. We went over and one of them was gone, but we talked with the other. We told him that we were missionaries and a little about our message, then he told us that he was just visiting his cousin, who lives in this area, but he would be willing to listen to missionaries. We ended up just giving him a card for himself and one for his cousin, and he said he was going to call the number on the card as well.

I never realized how powerful prayer truly can be. President Drake had said that as long as our will is in line with the will of God, whatever we pray for will come to pass, but only if we act in a way to make it come to pass. I really look forward to these next weeks and the success that will come as we pray specifically for the people in our area.

I love you guys,
Elder Stanley Scott Dye

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