Sunday, November 30, 2014

I have that renewed hope and desire

Letter 64
November 16, 2014
Area: Broadway 2 Central
Companion: Heath

This week was pretty good, but it was difficult and disappointing at the same time. We had multiple member present lessons on the calendar, but they somehow fell through--either the member would have to cancel, or the investigator had to cancel, sometimes both. We were disappointed by that, but we feel like we were doing our part. 
I feel like the highlight of my week was Friday during Zone Meeting, we got to learn about becoming the 4th Missionary. I feel like my main problem or thing that holds me back from being that missionary is my own diligence. I feel like my desires are in the right place and that I have the faith to move forward, but I still have that desire to see where I'm going. We sang the song "Lead Thou Me On" and it really hit me, and I really feel like it applies to me, and I want to say to the Lord "lead Thou me on." I don't know what was holding me back, but now I feel like I have that renewed hope and desire to do so and I know that all will go well. 

A few weeks ago, I felt the need to be a little bolder with the less-active members in our area because I have been studying about the gospel of Jesus Christ and I have found how much we truly need to do the simple things to be able to return to God. I shared my sincere feelings and I told them how it is and will be without beating around the bush, and we have seen results from that. Three of the less-active members from our area have come to church the last couple of weeks, and the have been reading the scriptures more often. We are still working with them to keep them active, but I am glad we have been able to help them so far, and their respect for us has grown so much.

I am so glad to be serving in this area of the mission, and I hope I can help these people progress more towards having a thriving testimony of Jesus Christ. We recently had an investigator from a part-member family accept a baptismal date for the 13th of December, so we are working with him to help him grow his faith and testimony, as well as that of his wife, who is a member, so they will come to church and do what is necessary to know what is true.

Recently, something that has been on my mind was that Oscar and Ana H weren't coming to church and it seems like the elders in their area don't really care that much about them... Just a reminder, Oscar is the guy that Elder Galvez and I taught back 11 months ago and Oscar was baptized 2 weeks after I left, I think it was the 15th of February. It was eating me on the inside not seeing them at church anymore and never hearing the other elders talk about them, and I have wanted to stop by to set up a dinner or something with them so I could visit them while I am still in the area. While at church yesterday, I had the feeling that we should go over there to do exactly that, especially because I feel like I will be leaving this next week for transfers. We went over there, and they were home! Oscar has changed jobs 2 times since I left the area and now he works 13 days and then gets 1 day off, but he didn't work this weekend. I got to catch up with them a little, and I got to meet their new baby boy. Their little boy, Oscar, now is 2 years old and still remembered me apparently from before, but now he walks and runs around, and stuff, he makes me think of my nieces and nephews. Their new baby boy is named Osiel Oscar Herrera, and is as cute as ever. I am so glad that I got to play a role in their lives, I feel so blessed to know them and I am so glad they remember me! We are going to do a dinner with them this week and Ana's older kids from her first husband are going to be there as well, which makes me more excited because I got close to them as well. That visit might not have been 100 percent obedient, but I got permission from Elder Anderson to visit them, and I felt like it was inspiration from God because the other elders couldn't ever catch them at home, but the one time I go, they were home. I was also able to get Oscar's schedule for work, so now the other elders can visit them to make sure they make it to the temple to be sealed. Frankly, I felt like it was necessary to remind them of their potential, seeing as Elder Galvez and I instilled in them their true potential in the first place.

I love you guys, and please pray for the people we are teaching:
Jorge: that he will remember his duties as a father, as well as accept a baptismal date because he isn't living with Suyapa anymore
Efrain: that he will be able to continue forward with faith toward his bap. date of 12/13
Alma/Gumaro: that we'll be able to get in with them again

Elder Stanley Scott Dye

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