Sunday, November 30, 2014

A Golfball in the Pocket

Letter 63
November 9, 2014
Area: Broadway 2 Central
Companion: Heath

I was just thinking of how fast the time is flying. It feels like it wasn't too long ago that I got moved to West Lake Houston as my third area, but now that I think about it, that was just more than 9 months ago. I now only have that much time left on the mission, 9 months. 

This week was good, we had some troubles getting in contact with some of our investigators, but regardless, we still had a lot of success. Our week was a little strange because we tried to change our approach in the area; and it seems to be going well. We are trying to do better at receiving and contacting referrals, as well as contacting more people each day because we have been really bad at doing that consistently. We found a way to make more of a game out of it so we have more incentive to do what is necessary and to remind us of what we need to do. We have already seen some of the success from doing this. The game is that one of us has a golf ball in their pocket, which gets kind of annoying, but when they ask someone for a referral, they get to take it out of their pocket and give it to the other person. Then whoever has the golf ball at the end of the day gets a point marked against them, then at the end of the week we'll total the points and whoever has the most points has to buy the other ice cream or something. We have already seen it work because the day that we started it and that we were creating the rules, we remembered to ask everyone for referrals.

We saw a few miracles as well through talking with everyone, especially on Friday night, after Zone Conference. Our 8pm appointment cancelled on us, so we went to try some other investigators that we weren't able to see all week, but they weren't home. We quickly thought of some people that were close-by that we could try, and we started on our way over, while riding our bikes from the house of the people we just tried, we passed by a group of guys that were talking outside by their truck and we talked with them. We ended up having a short lesson with them about the Plan of Salvation, and they continually asked questions. Eventually, they had to leave, but they said we could come back a different day, and it seems like they really have a lot of interest in learning more about this message.

This week we also had Zone Conference, so our Zone and another Zone met up for this conference with President and Sister Drake and the AP's. We had to get there at 6:45am, so we had to wake up at 5am, wow I am glad I had early morning seminary, but that lasted until 4pm, and we weren't able to leave until about 4:45pm... It was a really good meeting, but I had a really bad headache getting out of it because they had to re-finish the gym floor and they didn't air it out, so basically I didn't feel well once we got out. I started to get a migraine, so I popped the medicine and we went on with the day, and I luckily felt better because I caught it early enough.
Zone Conference- area picture
But there is really good news that we found out at Zone Conference! You know how I told you about Bertha, our investigator who is friends with a few members and has come to church a ton of times without having met with the missionaries, she talked with her friend that we had over with us when we taught her for the first time, and told her before she left for Mexico, that she was going to her own church once more. She said that she was going so she could say goodbye, she has decided that she wants to join our church. So, we just have to wait for her to get home from Mexico, and hopefully she will be able to be baptized before she goes to Pennsylvania for the rest of the year.

Then Saturday we had a service project at 8am, so we had to leave by 7:30 and we still wanted to exercise, so we woke up at 6am. The service was fun, but I ended up standing outside in the sun for 2.5 hours helping out with a 5k run. Then when the 5k was over, we got to go over and get our free flu shots from the same event. So, yes mom, I got my flu shot. :P

That is basically all of the interesting stuff that happened this week, but I should hopefully have more interesting stuff to tell you about next week.

I love you guys,
Elder Stanley Scott Dye

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