Sunday, November 30, 2014

Forward with Faith

Letter 62
November 2, 2014
Area: Broadway 2 Central
Companion: Heath

This week felt really long because so many different things happened. On Monday evening I started getting a migraine and fought it long enough to get back to our apartment at almost 9pm, but I wasn't there very long before I got picked up to go on an Exchange with Elder Reed in Broadway 2 West. Then this Thursday we had weekly planning, Halloween on Friday, a Ward Party on Saturday, and Church on Sunday. Even with all of the craziness that went on this week, I feel we had a lot of success this week.

Recently we have had a lot of troubles finding our investigators home because they have been working so much and when they aren't working, they are busy with other things.  Nevertheless, we still got to contact almost all of them this week. We found out more about their schedules and we got to set up appointments for this coming week. Meanwhile, we have been trying to find new investigators more and trying to improve our contacting. We had some success with that because we got some good referrals from the English missionaries in our area, and we stressed contacting them the next day! We taught the mother of a family of 9 kids from age 15 and down, we had set a lesson for Sunday.  We were able to bring up our success in finding the family at Ward Correlation, and our other successes this week, and they got really excited! We had four lessons set up for later in the day (Sunday), and we were able to set up members for each of them. We then continued with our day Sunday and sadly, nobody we tried was home, and the member set up for 8pm had to cancel suddenly at about 6. We just kept going forward with faith that there was something that we needed to do, and we were able to catch one investigator family at home, this being the first contact we have been able to have with them all transfer. We were able to find out what their new schedule was like, and we have plans to see them Friday. We then went to talk with a potential that we found at the beginning of the transfer with Elder Williams, and he was home! We found out that he is finishing up on the job that has been making him have no time and we were able to set up an appointment with him for this next week as well. After talking with him, we went to one of the families that we tried to take a member to, they had gotten home, and we were able to set up a lesson with them for 8pm today. After talking with them, we went over to a family that wasn't home on Saturday when we had our appointment, and they were home as well! We had the intention of stopping by and setting a time to come back, but they invited us to come and sit down, and they got out their Book of Mormon, and wanted us to teach them. We were completely fine with that! I felt like I needed to start out by asking them about if they remembered/understood where the Book of Mormon came from, which they didn't. We realized last week that our first lesson with them wasn't exactly the best lesson, there were too many distractions, so they didn't understand everything we taught, but this time we were able to explain things clearly and they expressed a lot of questions and uncertainty about the Plan of Salvation, all of which are answered through the Book of Mormon. We had the wonderful opportunity to testify of these truths and leave them chapters to answer their questions. We had no idea that they were so prepared! We met them by a lesson falling through before, and now we got to teach them specifically how these things can apply to them because of lessons falling through. It is weird to see how the Lord makes some things happen in order for other, unplanned things of greater importance to happen.

Elder Stanley Scott Dye

PS: Angie, we had to go inside by 7pm on Halloween, that was all

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