Sunday, November 30, 2014

God blesses us with the opportunity to teach

Letter 65
November 23, 2014
Area: Broadway 2 Central
Companion: Heath

I will start off with saying what happened Friday. We get calls for the areas getting flushed (both missionaries taken out) on Friday, and we were talking with Elder Anderson on the phone in the evening (like always) and we told him that we got the flush call, completely jokingly to try to convince him that we were flushed, but like a minute after saying that, Elder Williams, one of our AP's, called. Elder Heath was talking on the phone at the time and just heard a beep and when he looked, he thought, "Oh crap, we actually are getting flushed," and showed me the phone. We said bye to Elder Anderson, then answered Elder Williams' phone call, and he flushed the toilet (typical AP way of flushing a companionship). He then told us that our area is switching to an Hermanas area, so we are packing up and stuff.

I have loved serving here and seeing it grow, along with the people in the area. Sadly, we weren't able to baptize here, but I feel we made an impact on a lot of the less-active members here in the area, as well as some of the other people that we have taught. This week we were unable to see many of the people we planned to see, mainly because appointments kept getting cancelled. We both love the ward here and have seen so many members grow in their desire to serve the Lord. Even though we both wish we could stay longer, we know the change is necessary, especially with some sister missionaries coming into the area. Many of the people we visit are hard to visit because we need a man in the house and either they live alone or the man that lives there works late. We feel like it will do the area a lot of good by having the sister missionaries here, which will allow for more teaching and growth, and we feel like they will be able to baptize this next transfer, and the following one as well.

This week we were a little disappointed by the numbers and we really do feel like we did more than they say. Like I mentioned before, lessons kept getting cancelled, so we contacted a lot, as a result God blessed us with the opportunity to teach 2 new people as well as the opportunity to teach another one of our investigators again. We ended up teaching Gumaro, and we actually ended up walking up to his door to find him talking with 2 men from the Catholic church. We got to talk to him and testify of the restoration while the men were still there. When the men left, he invited us to sit down to talk. We got to just talk about the purpose of us being there, and we found out his concerns about already having been baptized and not understanding why it would be necessary to be baptized again. We got to share some scriptures about the authority of the priesthood and we testified, but mainly we listened to him, let him say what he was feeling and thinking. I feel like just doing that helped him open his mind more and he is going to read the Restoration pamphlet and pray about if it is true.

I am really excited to move on to my next area and see what it has in store. I know that wherever it is, I am needed there and I will be able to help the area grow. I honestly can say that I am tired of not baptizing and I am determined to do so this next transfer, so look out world, here comes the gospel!
Here's some crazy pictures that we've enjoyed taking: 
Larger than life--Gotta love these Reese's!~ Yum!
So huge-- It was trying to get me!

The work continues even in the rain...we got soaked, but missionary life is good!

I love you guys,
Elder Stanley Scott Dye

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