Saturday, March 29, 2014

Multiple Days that were Full of Miracles :)

Letter # 31
March 24, 2014
Area: Humble
Companion: Owens

       This week has been pretty good for us, we had multiple days that were just full of miracles :) By far our biggest miracle of the week was this guy named Juan Zarzate. We found him a few weeks ago during Hour of Power when we were just walking down the street. We had tried calling him a couple of times, but he never picked up when we called. Then this last Tuesday, we were just trying to figure out what we could do that would be effective that day.  I had been sitting on the chair, but my back was hurting (because of sitting in a chair for so long), so I laid down on the floor. When I was on the floor, I saw the card with Juan's phone number under Elder Owens' desk and I said "Hey we could call Juan to see when we could stop by sometime", so we called...and he answered! When we asked when we could stop by, he told us "Pues, tengo tiempo ahora" (well, I have time now), and we went over like 10 minutes later and taught him.  After arriving, he said he had been wondering why we "never called."   No answer there, but he was super receptive to our message and told us that he would be willing to come to our church and be baptized. We arranged another appointment for Thursday and would bring a member.  We went on and started explaining the Book of Mormon, but we ran out of time because he needed to leave, so we asked if we could finish explaining the Book of Mormon to him the next day and he agreed. So we went on Friday and explained it, and then again on Sunday to explain the Plan of Salvation.  We got about halfway through it and invited him to be baptized on the 13th of April.  He had a lot of questions about what comes after life... We asked when we could come back and he said basically the Spanish version of "You can come back tomorrow" (which would be today).  But we scheduled the visit for Tuesday because we already had other things scheduled today.
      Elder Owens and I were so surprised that Juan's name came to us even though he really wasn't on our 'thinking about investigator's list'.  Heavenly Father does know His children, and if we are receptive to His promptings, we'll be able to bring about His great work. Again, even before Juan was invited with a date to be baptized he had expressed that he wants to join our church! :) He even wants to change jobs because  he wants to come to church and his job makes it difficult.  So we are going to ask a member if he knows anyone that might be hiring people.  If it works out the way we are hoping it will, maybe Juan can have a chance at a job with a member looking for a help in his landscaping business.  His work load is really picking up and he (the boss) doesn't make people work on Sundays. :)

Wow that was long....but I am just so excited about Juan! :D He doesn't have enough time to have a law of chastity problem, and he said he doesn't smoke or drink and he is just overall really prepared for baptism.

Other than that, we have found a ton of people throughout the week, and yesterday we found another trailer park that neither of us were aware of (more potentials :).  This week we had a total of 17 lessons that were taught (4 of those were for Juan), 1 was for a less-active member that we never caught at home before, and another was for a former that we found yesterday that really wants to come to church next week.  The last one was for a really amazing family that we got a referral for... Basically all of our lessons this week were results of miracles :)

I love you guys,

Elder Stanley Scott Dye

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