Saturday, March 15, 2014

A dog and a street~

Letter #28
March 3, 2014
Area: Humble
Companion:  Owens

Wow, this week flew by, but also it was pretty slow... We didn't have all that great of a week lesson-wise or in finding new investigators, we mainly were trying to contact those who we met last week and save miles on the car to not go over... We did have a lot of fun and some miracles though!
One of the fun things that happened this week is that we got to teach a little family home evening lesson with one of the recent convert families based on the Fourth Article of Faith, which went really well and was fun because the kids were the perfect ages for the activities. (Here is a link to all 13 Articles of Faith)

A miracle that happened was during our Hour of Power :) We had our Weekly Planning running a little late, so we were only out for a little while.  We weren't sure if we would get any lessons and our member that was planning to go with us had not contacted us (well, we really don't even know where is actually is). Anyway, we pushed forward regardless of the things working against us.  We went to a member that lived in the area where we had planned on knocking.  We taught them a mini-lesson on faith and had them pray. We went down the street a little and before we even knocked a door we found a potential--we talked to him as we were walking and he said he would be willing to listen to our message and that we could come by a different day! We then  knocked a few houses and almost everyone was fine with it, just a different day; but we continued and one of the people we found was really prepared for our message. She told us that her daughter is a member of our church and she served a mission and stuff like that. Sadly she couldn't have us come in because her husband wasn't home and her oldest grandson was only 10, but we set up a time on Saturday to come by. We knocked a couple more doors even though we didn't have much time left, and ran into a man who had talked with missionaries before.  He invited us in and we taught him in about 10-15 minutes before our dinner appointment. We got a good lesson in with him, but he is decently strong in his own beliefs (Catholicism) and had a TON of stuff with a picture of a pope on them..yet a seed was planted.

On Saturday, we went over to the house of the lady whose daughter had gone on a mission, and she invited us in and she was on the phone crying. We realized there wasn't a man home, which is against mission rules, so we couldn't stay.  But before we left, she told us about the phone call (which wasn't good) and told us that she did read the entire pamphlet that we had previously left for her. She does want to have us talk to her and her husband, but he wasn't going to be home for a while... We are still trying to meet with her, but we still haven't caught her husband at home...she is one of the people that is basically already Mormon, but isn't quite yet... She is super prepared and I can't wait to teach her!

We had probably the funniest experience ever this last Saturday.  We were in an unfamiliar area and we were looking for a street, but as we were looking, a dog ran out in front of the car. I obviously stopped so I wouldn't hit it, but the dog just walked closer and closer to the car.  It got to the point where I couldn't see it anymore, so I tried backing up a little, but it followed us.  So I tried turning around, but it went in front of us again... We were stopped for like 10 minutes by this idiotic dog just being in front of us... I finally got out of this situation by outsmarting it! I backed up far enough to where I could turn on the last side-street. I went slightly forward towards the way I came and then I quickly turned and gunned it the other direction and got away. What makes it even better is that a mini van passed us-- heading down that street, and the dog stopped it too...poor guy!

This week we also had probably the quietest district meeting ever because one of the sisters had (and still has) a migraine, so we whispered the whole time, it was awesome! :)

Well, I can't think of much more to say, but I love you all!

Elder Stanley Scott Dye

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