Saturday, March 15, 2014

The blessings and miracles of serving the Lord

Letter #29
March 10, 2014
Area: Humble
Companion: Owens

It sounds like all of you are having a great week and also like my nieces and nephews are growing up way too fast! I've only been gone like a month right? feels like its only been that long... I can hardly believe that I have already been out almost 7 months! :O

Well,  this week was another fast one and we had a lot of challenges throughout the week... We started the week off with exchanges and a ton of lessons.  Then it was full of cancellations, and stuff like that, from Thursday on. While on exchanges, even though we lost an hour of work on Pday, we still got 2 lessons in that day, and then we had 4 lessons the next. We had been trying to get a hold of a couple of people and we were basically out of ideas for a while, but then I felt like we should try a referral that we hadn't tried in a while.  On the way there, we saw that a man, who we taught a few weeks ago, was home. We stopped by and asked him if we could talk to him for about 15-20 minutes, and he let us in. He said something like, "I don't know what that book you left me is, but it is not like the bible." Which really made me happy because he continued and told us that he read the first part (the intro and testimonies) and was really confused. We told him we were sorry we didn't explain it well to him last time, but that is what we wanted to talk about this time. We taught him a quick Book of Mormon lesson and left chapter 1 of 1st Nephi with him to read :) and that was all after he understood it a lot better :)

We had a really good Hour of Power experience because we just went all out.  We were almost racing between houses and we were being excited about our message, so even though we didn't get any lessons, we set up 4 return appointments :)

We had a really noticeable miracle yesterday as we were going around trying to contact a few referrals, we actually made it home! :D We were going out to the other end of our area to contact a few people and we realized that we were really low on gas... We weren't even sure if we would have enough to get home because we were really far away, but we weren't even sure how far away we were. We did all we could to save gas and drive efficiently on the way back and somehow we made it... We had supposedly about 18 miles left on the tank and we went about 30 or so miles! Elder Owens was watching the odometer and the miles left on the tank, and it was about 1.5 miles for every mile on the miles left log... I thought it was a great miracle because we were determined to not buy gas on the Sabbath.  And we did it without pushing the car,  and we got to the gas station this morning with still 1 mile left on the tank :)  The blessings and miracles of serving the Lord.

Elder Stanley Scott Dye

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