Saturday, March 29, 2014

Being thanking for God each day...

Letter #30
March 17, 2014
Area: Humble
Companion: Owens

Hey guys, it sounds like all of you had a good week and those kids of yours are all growing way too fast. I hope you all enjoyed the Pi Day too because I totally forgot and I didn't have pie anyways...

Some of the best stories this week are of how we found some people and other stuff. We also found out that nobody in our district is being transferred , so we all are lucky, and excited, therefore there aren't any general changes in what we are doing (which takes time away from serving successfully).   I really liked one of the miracles that we saw on Thursday.  We found Concepcion and her husband home! We had been trying to visit them (multiple times) after we found them during Hour of Power, but never have been able to found Concepcion's husband home.  We had started feeling bad for bugging her daughter in asking if her father were home. So, we decided (or got smarter) that it would be better to try back when Concepcion's husband's car is home. We were passing by the home, this week while we were trying some former investigators, and he was home! We walked up and right when Elder Owens was going to knock, they opened the door slightly (because they were about to leave), but then closed it. We knocked, and they answered, and her husband (who is awesome) and was willing to listen, but not right then:( So he told us to try back Saturday. But when Saturday came, sadly Concepcion's allergies were wreaking havoc on her asthma.  So because Concepcion was resting, her husband said that hopefully Sunday would work out, so we rescheduled for Sunday. We finally were able to meet with them (on Sunday), and they had some really good questions.  Turns out that Concepcion was born and raised in another faith that doesn't believe in modern day miracles, yet she does believe in miracles that occur today.  I feel that they have been prepared by God for the gospel :)  We'll see!
A 'future' missionary! Serving with Elders Dye and Owens.

I really am enjoying my time out here and I am learning a lot all the time. :) Just recently we were told to start using personal study for "Investigator Study" to help us receive more revelation for the investigators and to make it more purpose-driven. This week I haven't done a ton of reading for myself in the Book of Mormon or other books, but I have still learned a lot. I have really learned from Preach My Gospel.  I would encourage you all to study and/or read it. I learned that the investigators learn how to pray from us, and, in your case, your children will learn from you.  We need to teach them how to pray sincerely, by example, which is difficult, but I have been striving to do so.  I have also realized that there are a lot of things that I should be thanking God for each day. And one thing that I came across again this week is that we need to pray for those that hate us, as well as those that love us, and then we'll feel God's love for them.

Until next week,
Elder Stanley Scott Dye

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