Thursday, May 28, 2015

Training....needing to go back to the basics!

Letter #86
April 20, 2015
Area: Baytown
Companion: Knudsen

It sounds like your week was great except for the crazy weather, but we had crazy weather out here too. It was raining most of the week, then yesterday was sunny and nice outside until about 7:10pm, suddenly some menacingly dark clouds started coming in. By 7:30 the clouds covered half of the sky and it was a lot darker than it had been only minutes before. We hadn't eaten dinner, so we decided that we didn't really like the look of the skies and we were just going to go in for dinner. We checked the phone when we got home and saw that we had a text that we missed, it said that there was a tornado warning and everyone should get inside. It said that it had been seen, I will be sending my SD card home soon, and I took a few videos and a bunch of pictures of it.

Other than that, this week went really well, we were having the constant need to find more people though. We saw much success as we went contacting, we actually were able to teach 13 new people, but sadly, a couple had to be passed on to the English Elders, one was going out of town for 1-2 months to visit his father, and three decided they didn't want to hear any more. Regardless, we still were able to find 7 new investigators, and the majority seem like they will begin to progress very soon. With the call of our new Branch Mission Leader we have seen more help from the members than I have ever seen. We were able to bring some members out, but sadly some of the lessons didn't work out so we had to try some other people. We ended up going over to visit a less-active family with Hermano Valadez, the Branch Mission Leader, and we actually caught them at home and found out more of why they don't come to church. We are super excited for where this area seems to be going! It is also really amazing to know that Matthew, one of the referrals given to the English Elders, went to church Sunday. We found him on Saturday, and now he will be getting baptized on May 3rd along with Vansha G, a person who contacted us about 2 weeks ago during the Spoke'n Pedal. They both show extreme desire to grow closer to God and to act upon the message, I can't wait to see that miracle happen!

The district has been doing well, the Hermanas recently had to drop a lot of their investigators, but that gave them more time to find those who are really prepared. We had a really inspired District Meeting that I honestly didn't know exactly what to do until we went to the Temple on Thursday and I prayed in the Celestial Room. The meeting was really focused on what we can do to bring the Spirit into the lessons more and to leave better commitments to be able to allow the investigators to feel that same spirit that we brought. We all realized we just needed to go back to the basics and back to the days of training, when we didn't know what to say or how to say it, when we stuck more to the guidelines and teachings in Preach My Gospel because it was all we knew. We were able to role play using the How to Begin Teaching points and we each applied it to our real teaching and I have felt the spirit more as we teach.

I love you guys,
Elder Stanley Scott Dye

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