Thursday, May 28, 2015

District Leader Responsibilities

Letter #85
April 13, 2015
Area: Baytown
Companion: Knudsen

(this past week I failed to tell you that the Mission President has called me to be a District Leader.  There are more responsibilities, like baptism interviews, and leading district meetings, but I feel that I'm up to these responsibilities.  I know that my mission president has confidence in me, and I trust the Lord.)

This week went pretty well, but we sadly weren't able to get any of our investigators to church or with a date. We worked hard and tried to be diligent in our efforts of finding people and as a result, we found many new investigators and more potentials to try. We were able to teach almost every day this week as well, less than we wanted, but it seems to be looking up for the next few weeks. We found a guy named Justiniano, or in English, Justin, and he seems really interested.  He is a very open young man not too much older than us. We actually contacted him after having walked by twice.  He was blasting music from his car and we both just had the thought that he was just a punk (I know we shouldn't judge), but then we felt like we should go talk to him and he was really open to us. We were able to set a return appointment for tomorrow, Tuesday, and invite him to church and English class on Thursdays. We look forward to teaching him, as well as having him at the English class, but we never would have found out how interested he was if we didn't talk to him.     We also found a couple, Lupita and Jonathan, on Sunday. We contacted them about a week ago and they didn't seem too interested at the time, but we decided to go by and their son let us come in. We started talking to them and taught them the Restoration and before we even extended the invitation to church, Jonathan asked, "So, where's the church?" We started describing how to get there and invited them and he said, "Yeah, we'll go, that's why I asked where the church was." It was great! What made it better is that Jonathan was starting to read from the pamphlet right when we said that God and Jesus were different people while describing the First Vision. We have another appointment set up with them and we have already figured out which member we would like to come with us.

I also had the opportunity to perform a baptismal interview for an investigator of the sisters in my district, and it was an amazing experience. I was scared that I would have to tell Abraham that he couldn't be baptized almost the whole time because he told me early on that he wasn't married legally to his wife, but he failed to mention until the end that she still lives in Mexico, so it isn't a problem yet. He was baptized Saturday and confirmed on Sunday.

I love you guys,
Elder Stanley Scott Dye

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