Thursday, May 28, 2015

Don't give up on anyone Because People Change

Letter #83
March 30, 2015
Area: Liberty- English speaking
Companion: Syrie

First the questions so I don't forget.
1) Elder Syrie has been here for 2 transfers, so since February. He has been out for 9 months and is from Washington state.
2) We have tried to teach Ernesto's sister, but haven't gotten back into contact with her since we first saw her. We told him about finding her that same week :) She speaks English better than Spanish, so we would keep her.
3) I actually will be moving, I got transferred, so don't send me mail until I can tell you where I go! :)

This week was rough for us in finding new investigators, we spent hours going around biking, knocking, looking through former investigator logs and trying them, but it was to no avail. We were trying to figure out what was going on, but as we looked at it we were just seeing that a lot of the people that we contacted were good contacts and good people, but they were all just busy that week... Finally on Friday, the Spanish Elders gave us two referrals, so we called one, and she was interested, but didn't know what her schedule would be, so we need to call her again this week.  Then on Sunday, we finally just decided to go over and try to visit the other referral. We got there, and Elder Syrie mentioned that he and Elder Croney had previously knocked on that house, and when we saw the man, he realized he had talked to him about a month ago and he was completely closed to the gospel, he just said "I'm Pentecostal" to them. When we talked with him, he still seemed set in his beliefs, but he was open to learn. He invited us right in and let us teach him the Restoration, and he was open to the message. We talked about the Book of Mormon as the evidence and he is willing to read it and he wants to at least learn and follow God's will. We were so excited about that! We had been waiting all week to finally teach somebody, or more truly, we were searching all week for people to teach, and on Sunday, at about 4pm, we found them! It also just shows that you can't just give up on people you've already talked to and areas that you've already knocked, people always change.

In terms of our investigators, we saw only Oscar M, Susan and Margaret S this last week, everyone else seemed to be busy all the time. We helped get Margaret's son, Alex, to scouts and he loved it! We also were able to give Susan, another investigator, a blessing of health because she was feeling pretty sick, so we talked with her about blessings with her as well. Oscar is still super amazing, and in the last week he said he read pretty slowly, but he talked about how the Lamanites and the Nephites split up into the two separate groups, so later we looked up where that was, and it turns out that he read at least until 2 Nephi 5! But the sad thing is that he leaves today for Arizona for the next month for work...why does everyone have to be so busy with work!(just kidding, I know that people have to work, but this message is so important).

I have felt the love of all the members in the ward and branch and have seen many opportunities to serve. Remember how we had been working with April and Valeria in the branch? They told me yesterday that they decided to get baptized April 12th! They really want me there, so I am going to ask permission to go. Also, Josh G has also decided to get baptized, we will be stopping by there today to pick up my watch that he is fixing, so I will ask him if he has decided on a date. I am so excited for these people! I know they will be baptized as well as the people we were working with here in the ward.

Elder Stanley Scott Dye

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