Sunday, December 22, 2013

Living close to the spirit in becoming a better missionary

Letter #17
 December 16, 2013
Area: Broadway 3 North
Companion: Thomas

Hey guys! This week went by really fast too, but it has been good. As I already told you, we had our Christmas Conference on Wednesday, but it really feels like that was a few weeks ago... This week I spent a little time almost every day reading in Jacob 5 studying it in depth and I never understood it as well as I do now. I never realized that it is basically the history of the world and God's dealings with it. I have concentrated a lot on thinking of how I can be more like Christ and especially become a better missionary throughout this week.

This last week has been very difficult in some ways, but amazing in others. We went contacting a lot, but didn't get very many people who were interested in listening... But last week we had decided to talk to a lot of members to see when they would be available this last week because we wanted to actually get members set up for lessons. When we went out this week, we had almost no lessons planned for the days that members said they would be available. Through the week we had the hand of the Lord with us because we only had one member that we had to cancel on--we got lessons with all of the other members! Really felt rewarding, though I know it is because of our diligence and the Lord's blessing being poured down because of this.
We also saw a few other miracles happen throughout the week during Hour of Power and when we were contacting referrals. We were knocking doors during Hour of Power and we weren't really finding anyone that was interested, but we found a man later that day that let us in and was talking to us about his past experiences with missionaries. It turns out that he has talked to missionaries for about 4 years, but it has been about a year since he's seen them. He said he would love to have the missionaries over again and the only reason that he hasn't come to church is the fact that he and his family are kind of "stuck" in their ways. There is potential for us to help him along his pathway of getting 'unstuck'. Then on Saturday we went around contacting the referrals we've been given, and we went to the wrong house and found a former investigator! He said he would love to have us come back, so we set up an appointment with him for this next week.
I love you guys and you better be all together on Christmas when I call :P 
I almost forgot to mention, on Saturday I used the fact that we didn't know who was leaving to get a few less-actives to come to church! :) But that night we found out that I'm getting transferred tomorrow.

Here are a few pictures while I was serving here is the Broadway 3 North area:
Zone leaders with us serving a dear sister.

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