Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Insightful Thoughts

Letter #15
December 2, 2013
Area: Broadway 3 North
Companion: Thomas

Well, mom and dad, no, you never did tell me what you were doing with the Heims, you just said you were planning something great :P and why didn't we ever do that before? that sounds fun.  (We were invited to Grand Cayman Island).

It sounds like everyone has had a great Thanksgiving week, but for us, Thanksgiving as I've never had it before.... we got way fewer lessons and found out that some of the people that we were visiting were going to be in Mexico until after the New Years. It was difficult to teach people when there was nobody to teach and our lessons kept cancelling and when we were only getting out of the house at about 4-5 hours each day... At least we had all of Thanksgiving off as a P-day, so we got to spend time with the other missionaries and eat with a member. But sadly, unlike Shanny, we didn't have pie, which made me sad, I was looking forward to pie...(note: Shannon's family had 13 in attendance at Thanksgiving, with 15 pies!)

Well, even though we weren't teaching much this week, we did go and knock a lot of doors and find a lot of possible people to teach, and we placed a few copies of the Book of Mormon. We really needed the Tender Mercies of the Lord, and we got some really nice ones, here is one that is more memorable:

    On Saturday we tried everyone that we could go visit and we had already knocked doors for about 2 hours, making it so we really didn't know what to do. It was a little before 8 and we had an appointment soon, so we went in the direction of our investigator's house. And then while we were heading that direction, he cancelled on us, saying that he wouldn't be home by 8, so we ended up just stopping near his house and thinking of who we could go see. We were there for a few minutes just thinking, then an idea popped in my head that we could try calling a guy that we met knocking last week and haven't been able to teach him. We called, and it went straight to the answering, that was disappointing... We decided to go over and see if he was home anyway, so we went over there, and his son answered the door. His son is about 27ish and we talked to him about the Book of Mormon, and we even left him a copy :) It turns out that his dad was going to be in Mexico until about Tuesday, so we set up an appointment with them for this week and we are going to teach at least his son, who is really interested.

This week I've learned quite a bit as I continued reading a little from the Bible, Book of Mormon, and The Fourth Missionary. I just finished the second-last chapter in 2 Nephi and there are so many awesome things in the chapters right before it. One thing that I found was a couple of chapters before it, and it was about the descendants of Nephi. It said something like the gospel will be brought to his posterity and it will remind them of their fathers and of the beliefs of their fathers and it really hit me because I've been called to do exactly that, to bring the gospel to his descendants.  Here is all of 2Nephi chapter 29, and then followed by Chapter 30 thru verse 6.
 Also a funny thing that I found is a simplified version of the Lord of the Rings (in a way, it really reminded me of that story) in Mark 5:4-21. I really got a good laugh out of those verses :) And I've really been working on my mindset through the week trying to become more like the "fourth missionary".

Hey Carolyn, I wanted you to know that I got your announcement today. I still think its weird that my little sister is all growed up and she is getting married...
until next week,
Elder Stanley Scott Dye

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