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When you want something to happen, you need to...

Letter #16
 December 9, 2013
Area: Broadway 3 North
Companion: Thomas

Well, it seems like you guys had a good week, for the most part, except maybe Angie :P Well, I have had a great week too, but man did it fly by... :) Yes it has been cold, but luckily we still haven't gotten rain during this cold front...whew.

1) Well this week has been pretty full of finding, teaching lessons, and in the rescuing of less active members, but really we haven't taught many less-actives this week because they weren't home whenever we tried. We actually got our second-highest number of 'lessons for a week' this week. And, we got 6 new people who we taught, and almost all of them seem really prepared to hear the gospel and follow the steps they need to to become a member! While we would knocking on doors, we found a guy and it turns out that his wife is in prison and about to be deported because she doesn't have papers to be here. He invited us in and we got to teach him the first part of the Restoration.  Sadly we couldn't teach him since, but we have another appointment set with him for later this week :) We ended up having 5 lessons just in the last 2 days because we were on exchanges with the Zone Leaders, but instead of having one companionship in each area, we were all in my area, so we got to find and teach people in 2 places at once!
2) hahaha, Mom, Lilian is the mom of the family from Honduras, and now living here. And yes, we have gone back to teach those people, but we think that Lilian isn't coming to church because her husband doesn't want her to... We invited her to church and even had a member set up and she was perfectly fine coming and taking her whole family too, but she apparently called and cancelled the ride saying her husband would take her.  It's too sad when one spouse is receptive and the other one isn't.  It makes it hard for the one that really would like to attend church and find out more:(
And actually, Pablo is a guy that we have been teaching ever since the 1st or 2nd week I've been here. He is a man that has known about the church for 40 years and has talked with missionaries many times in the past. We have taught him almost everything, but he still doesn't feel ready.  We continually tell him to read the Book of Mormon and pray, and come to church and everything, but he still isn't doing it... He recently started dating a member who is also a divorced person and he is planning on marrying her, but we just found out about his plan to move in with her in January because she doesn't mind. :  (sadly she hasn't been to church in about 6-7 months because of work, and moving in together isn't conducive to gospel principles,...). So we talked to him about the Law of Chastity and asked him to follow that commandment. We'll have to see if he commits and carries through.
3) Well, my Spanish is good enough that I can say practically everything that I would want to say in a lesson, and even if I can't say exactly that, I can usually say it in a more round-about way to make it work out still. I am definitely still learning, and I know of a ton of stuff that I want to learn, so I know that I will keep studying it until the end of my mission. Sadly, when we miss Spanish study, Elder Thomas doesn't want to go back in and study it, so we have only done that once or twice, and we have missed a lot of Spanish study time...

This week I have really learned a lot about how sometimes when you want something to happen, you need to get down on your knees and ask. The guy that I was talking about whose wife is in prison, we found him behind the 2nd door we knocked that day :) That morning I specifically prayed to have us be led to somebody we could teach because we don't have very many people, then that happened. Now I ask every morning for our Father to lead us to somebody who we can help or talk to.  The blessings are amazing, and we really haven't had to knock as much--like yesterday, we had every hour after church scheduled with a lesson. Sadly, some lessons got cancelled that day or fell through, but we had the thought to go try some people that weren't ones of our backup lists and it worked out. We had the opportunity to teach a family of 3 yesterday, and I really think it is because we showed God that we were willing to plan out what we would do and pray to be led to people who would hear us. 

Another interesting thing that I learned while studying this week is about the power of faith/priesthood. It is actually found in Jacob somewhere in the first 4-5 chapters and it says that if we have faith and hope that something will happen, then ask God to do it, it will happen. We have the same power as the people in ancient times and we can say to the mountains "move" and it will happen, same with basically everything else. When I read that, I just thought of the Bible videos that are online and the ones that were shown last night at the Christmas devotional and how I have the same power to do those miracles--it just depends on my faith and the faith of the one being healed. :)
Note: here is the link for the 2013 Christmas Devotional that Elder Dye spoke about:

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