Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Visiting helps with understanding and shows love

Letter #89
May 11, 2015
Area: Baytown
Companion: Knudsen

Hey guys, it was really great being able to talk with the family yesterday and be able to talk in Spanish a little, I hope that everyone who speaks Spanish was able to understand it and translate for those who don't know any Spanish.

This week was a little rough, a good chunk of proselyting time was taken out by service both on Thursday and an unexpected need of service for the Stake President on Saturday. We weren't really able to establish contact with our different investigators, only a couple of them answered the door or the phone, and it was kinda hard because it seemed like transfers were very much distracting Elder Knudsen. We were trying to find people, but things kept coming up and we didn't use our time efficiently causing all of our numbers to plummet. I feel like we didn't use our bikes quite enough this week, but we got on them more than we have been. I am really planning on using the bikes a lot more this next transfer so we actually get out and talk with people. I also would like to be visiting more Less Active Members, Elder Knudsen was one of the people a little confused about the Less Active visits. He didn't ever want to try to visit them because we didn't have a member with us, but I hope that with visiting them we can actually help people come back into activity in the church.

Other than all of that, we actually had a really miraculous weekend apart from the Mother's Day phone call, we found multiple people that are interested in taking the lessons and we were able to get in with investigators and wish some people a happy Mother's Day. It was really amazing, we decided to stop by the house of Luz and her family, a family that is really prepared, but for some reason wasn't going to continue investigating, and we wished Luz a happy Mother's Day and she was really excited to see us and was willing to set up another appointment for this week! I am so glad that we stopped by and were able to brighten her day!

I really love it here in Baytown and I can't wait to get to know my new companion, we have the new transfer meeting today at 4pm and luckily we were able to figure out rides and stuff. This next week I should be able to tell you about my new companion. I look forward to this new transfer and what it will hold. I am going to do exactly as Dad mentioned, work as hard and effectively as I can, especially because I know my purpose out here and I know how to fulfill it. I can't say the same for when I get home :P I don't really like the feeling of all this coming to an end. I have the same amount of time left right now as I had under my belt just before Thanksgiving 2013, which isn't very long.

I love you guys,
Elder Stanley Scott Dye

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