Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Making Small Changes for the Better = Greater Happiness

Letter #90
May 18, 2015
Area: Baytown
Companion: Hepworth 

This week went very well here in Baytown with Elder Hepworth. He truly desires to work and we work in a similar way. We saw many miracles come about this past week. One of the biggest miracles was with a Less-Active family that only a few of the family members are members of the church. We went to visit Hermana Gomez, a Less-Active that Elder Knudsen and I found last week, and she referred us over to her good friend, who is also a member. We went to visit their family and found them on their way out, but they said we could come by the next day. When we went over, their son, Ricardo let us right in and instantly started crying and he started pouring out his heart and talking about all of the bad things he had gone through in the past 5 years that he hasn't been going to church. He explained that he was praying for help and then we showed up. He is ready to come back to the fold and is tired of being the cause of so much trouble and worry for his parents. He brought in his little brothers and had them listen to us and we invited them to church and an activity the branch is having. We went over the next day to give them a couple of white shirts for church and they started talking about them wanting to take the next step and change the music they listen to. We helped them with that and helped Ricardo get his suit for church, then they gave us a call at 7:40am Sunday and said that they were going to need a ride, but they were already ready for church. They had a great time at church and Ricardo brought his little siblings and a friend of theirs to church! I am excited to see where Ricardo goes with this because he keeps asking us what a mission is like and what we do as missionaries.

This week we also met two black ladies that said that they have seen Elder Hepworth before and we have no idea where or when, but he is really creeped out by it... He wants to know how they know him because neither of them knew where they had seen him before or even if it truly was him. But it was pretty funny to see his reaction.

A little bit about Elder Hepworth, he is from Idaho (making him companion #2 from one of those tiny little non-existent communities of Idaho, the first being Elder Owens from Kuna, which isn't quite as tiny, but still small)
He played football in high school and graduated and has been on his mission since June 2014.

I love you guys,
Elder Stanley Scott Dye

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