Tuesday, June 23, 2015

So many Churches?...the need for the Restoration!

Letter #93
June 8, 2015
Area: Baytown
Companion: Hepworth

Hey guys, it sounds like you all had a great week and I am super excited for Shanny and Simon on their acquiring of a house! Thank you all for the birthday wishes and I want you to know that I got to go to a pizza buffet with my district after District Meeting on Friday and my companion paid for me as a little gift. We ended up getting cheesecake the next day at a member's home (without them knowing that my birthday was the day before), and I got some happy birthday texts from some of the members because one of the only members that I told about my birthday posted on the branch Facebook page that it was my birthday.

This week went well for us, though it was a little rough due to the difficulty of getting in with our investigators, but we tried to use our time in a good effective manner. We went out trying to find new people quite a bit and also worked with a good number of the less active members. We have been working with the ward list a lot to try to make the necessary corrections, and we have actually had a good amount of success in finding more members to work with, and the majority are part member families!

As we have been searching out new areas to go finding in, we have also found success and now we know of more places that have a good number of Hispanics that we can talk to. We have been receiving more referrals and I have even noticed that there are times that we have had good contacting miracles! 

One miracle we ended up having was just yesterday, we felt like we needed to try a family that we haven't been able to contact in a couple of weeks, so we went up to where they live. They weren't home, but we were able to talk with another investigator for a while as we helped him try to fix his lawn mower. Then, not feeling quite satisfied with that, we went over to another person we had contacted a few weeks ago. They were busy as well, but they mentioned that they would be interested in the English class we offer and said that he would try to come. That was better, but it still didn't quite feel like that was what we were needed for in that area at that time. On our way back to the car, I saw a man and a woman sitting in a couple of chairs drinking and felt like I should talk to them. We started to talk with them and they seemed really cool, but they just didn't seem too interested. I felt like I needed to ask the man why he only went to the Catholic Church when he went to church, then I felt to ask him why he thinks there are so many churches. When I asked those two questions he opened up and said how he feels that there should be just one church and that he only goes to the Catholic church because it is what his parents taught him. He and the woman asked us why there were so many churches and other things that pertain to the message of the restoration. We were basically able to teach them about the apostasy and the restoration while we were there and they seem really interested and invited us back for this next weekend!

We had a lot of other miracles, but that was our biggest one that we saw, other than us receiving a really interested member referral that we will be teaching tonight or sometime a little later this week! We had a really funny story as well from yesterday.  We were looking for members trying to make corrections to the ward list and one of the places that we tried last night was definitely not a member. We knocked on the door of where a member used to live and the man who answered the door didn't even let us say "hello" or "good evening" before he started swearing at us and screaming that we should leave saying that if we didn't leave, he would call the cops on us, which made us laugh a little as we got back in the car.  It is unfortunate that he truly doesn't know what he is missing and he will someday meet the Lord at the judgement bar of God. We both just wish he would give the gospel a chance, but he isn't and will have to take ownership of his choices at that last day. We both just see that as extra evidence that this is true because there is only true opposition against our church.

The district has been doing well, we are all kinda struggling with finding a high number of people to teach, but we are trying to pull everything back together and manage our time better (than we have in weeks' past). We are trying to work well with the people we have, and that is helping them start progressing.  Of course, there still are some obstacles in the way of getting some of them progressing, but we are moving in a positive direction.

Elder Stanley Scott Dye

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