Wednesday, June 25, 2014

New Area, New companion

Letter #42
June 16, 2014
Area: Broadway 2- Central
Companion: Petersen

Well, I guess this week I don't get a letter from you guys....except Carolyn :P [note: his family letter arrived shortly after he sent this letter.  He only has a short time on the internet writing emails, so we sent his letter in the mail].

Well, to answer Mom's question from last week, my companion is Elder Petersen, he came out to the mission with me and it has been super interesting serving with him.

My new area is really struggling...we have very few investigators and I have really been looking for ways that we can improve the area.  We come to conclude that it seems like the way to do it is just through talking with everyone because that is really something that they have lacked and there are so many people outside. I know it will work because that is what Elder Anderson and I did and it really helped the growth in my last area and that area was thriving when I left.

I am really looking forward to helping this area grow and having fun doing it, but I don't look forward to all the flat tires that will come in the future--because this area has a record for bike problems. I have been here for a week and I have already gotten a flat once...

I love you guys so much and hope I have more to say next week,
Elder Stanley Scott Dye

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