Wednesday, June 25, 2014

God does hear and answer prayers!

Letter #41
June 11, 2014 (2 days delayed because he was transferred)
Area: Broadway 2 (Central)
Companion: Peterson

Well, this last week was very interesting because a lot of the people that we taught in past weeks were busy and we couldn't meet with them, but we found so many new people that it surprised me. We went to Crosby, which is the opposite side of our area.  We had a long day out there because it was really hot and we had to go finding for most of the time. We found a new guy and it was kind of a miracle story.  You see, we knew that we were only going to be able to make it out to Crosby maybe once a week, and so we prayed to ask God to guide us to someone He has prepared so we can truly help him. We knocked a few doors and at the 2nd or 3rd door, we were told to go try a couple of houses across the street when we asked for referrals. When we went over and contacted the first one, he opened the door and started talking with us.  He led us over to a table outside and we taught him a lesson on God and Prayer.  He really needed that in his life, and he mentioned that a few days before he asked God for direction, then we showed up. I really can't wait to hear what happens with him.
Sadly, Isis, the 14 year old girl, wasn't baptized.  Her parents pulled out on, I believe, Monday evening and we found out on Tuesday from our bishop.... I will keep hoping and praying.

Well, I guess I have more news for you, I got Transferred back into Broadway 2nd ward! I am now serving in the "Central" area of the ward.  I luckily did get your letters in time though, I got them Monday evening, right before leaving the area :) 

I am always so happy to see how you all are doing and I can't wait to hear more, and don't think I am neglecting little Ben, I just forget when I'm emailing..[note- little Ben is his newest nephew who was in the NICU for a short period of time until he could breathe more freely on his own--which he is doing better].

I'm sorry I didn't write more.  I can't think of what happened last week, it was such a blur even though it went fast. I promise to write more next Monday about my new area and everything.

I love you guys,
Elder Stanley Scott Dye

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