Monday, April 21, 2014

with prayer and fast, anything is possible

Letter #33
April 7, 2014
Area: Humble, TX
Companion: Owens

Hey guys, it sounds like you are all having a pretty good time and you enjoyed General Conference! :) I really enjoyed conference, especially the talk that President Monson gave on Sunday morning about Loving God and Others and the talk by Elder Corbridge about Joseph Smith. And I really liked the talk about remembering who we were before when we make decisions.

I did end up watching a little bit of the conference in spanish (Sunday Morning) and it was a little hard because I was taking notes and trying to listen and I had to look at the subtitles a little to understand the full thing. I think this conference was definitely a good one and I know of a talk that one of our investigators should read, listen, or see.

This week went by pretty fast, but we only had 1 lesson a day since Thursday, so we were kind of disappointed... This week definitely had miracles, but we had to try a little harder to actually see them because of the trials. We were supposed to have a few people come to conference, but they all had things come up to prevent them... It was sad to get to conference and not have anyone there, but we still learned a lot.

This week started out strong with us being able to get a member out with us for a lesson, and we got a couple of other lessons because we had a dinner with some recent converts, and while there, Juan, the miracle of about 2 weeks ago, called and asked if we could come over, so we stopped by and taught him a quick lesson too. Our main miracle that happened this week was that basically all of the English areas that we cover gave us referrals for people and we got to go out and try them. We are most likely going to have a minimum of 3 lessons tonight :) but we have 6 possible lessons because of the referrals, we just need to find another member to go out with us earlier because we have one at 8, just not any before that (well a possible one at 7ish, but he hasn't replied...). I can't wait to see what happens! :D 

Even though the end of the week was tough on lessons and long, we did as President Monson advises us to do, "respond with love and kindness to whatever might come our way". We didn't have that advice as it happened, but we rose with hope and excitement each day that it would be blessed and better than the last. I know that there is hope for each new day and I hold on to what I know is true, that if I do my part, the success will come in God's time.

I don't know where I heard it, but with prayer and fast, anything is possible, and I know this is true because I have been fasting and praying to overcome my habits and my temptations. I have felt the load get easier when I rely on God and "take [His] yoke upon [me]" to accept His help and His strength.  I also had the opportunity to sing a song from Zions--the song "Hold On" :) [Soundtrack: Secret Garden (The)
Title: Hold On]

I love you guys and I know that as you continue doing missionary work, others can receive the saving ordinances to join us in Heaven as we do what is necessary.

I love you,
Elder Stanley Scott Dye

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