Monday, April 21, 2014

"Why not? Our message is for everyone!

Letter #34
April 14, 2014
Area: Humble, TX
Companion: Owens

hey guys! It hardly feels like it has been a week...but at the same time it feels like it has been a lot longer than that. This week was very difficult for us, almost all of our set appointments fell through and we have had to spend almost all of our time finding people to teach. Even though we had difficulties, we had success in finding people.  We found 7 people that we had never taught before, and all of them are interested in the message and want to learn more! 4 of the people that we found were members of a family that we ended up finding during Hour of Power. I believe we found them as a result of us continually trying even though it was difficult. They were really an Hour of Power Miracle because both Elder Owens and I were thinking of passing the house because it didn't seem like it would be someone who doesn't speak Spanish, but then we both had the thought, "Why not? Our message is for everyone, even if they don't speak Spanish we can still talk to them." They ended up being a great family and it stopped the mother from punishing her son for being a little disobedient, and helped her be calm again and be happy. I am glad that God blessed us with the opportunity to find that family and others. We ended up teaching more than just those 7 new people, but we were never able to set up another time to visit them or find them at home.

We have been trying to learn and progress each day and we keep thinking of ways to figure out if we are doing anything wrong that would have caused the difficulties. As we have followed that process, we have found ways to improve in our studying, planning, teaching, and obedience in general. I personally have started to try to study from Preach My Gospel more because I realized that as I tried studying the scriptures and for investigators, I have forgotten to study from the other chapters of Preach My Gospel... As I have been studying more, I have learned how we can better present the Book of Mormon so the people can understand how it can help them and how they need it to know the truth of the message. I have also been studying in Chapter 2 of Preach My Gospel to help me be more efficient with my time and still get more out of what I do read. 

I am very excited to start this week out with a clean slate and endless possibilities, we have already gotten a lesson today because we were waiting for the library to open so we could email, and the person asked if we could come by today before 5pm. We ended up teaching her and her mother-in-law, and they were excited to hear a message about Christ during this time of Easter.

It doesn't exactly feel like it is almost Easter it is colder again and it is raining and it seems to be every P-Day out here... But we got to enjoy having a lesson already today and we celebrated with Baskin Robbins :) 

Now to the questions:

1) I am serving in a ward and we have 4 other missionaries in it because it takes 30-40 minutes to drive from the north end to the south and about the same from the east to west... and that's going 50-60mph... 

2) I haven't met an Elder Mogart... I don't recognize the name, but I quite possibly have seen him unless he came out recently, I haven't really met very many new people recently.

I love you all!
Elder Stanley Scott Dye

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