Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New Year brings New Commitment to do our Best

Letter #20
January 6, 2014
Area: Broadway 2 East
Companion:  Galvez
       Hey guys, this week has felt like forever, but at the same time it went by really really fast... It seems like my companion and I weren't the only ones that got a little sick :P My companion woke up on New Years Day at about 2am and threw up (thankfully in the toilet), then he had some kind of illness that day that made him feel really bad.  I texted our district leader telling him the symptoms and he said that he and one other missionary had that before. He told me that Elder Galvez just needed some rest. So I let him rest, and rest, and rest...he was asleep until 1pm... I was so bored! I had studied, read through all of the records of the investigators, read some of the book for Elder's quorum (in spanish), and I even accidentally fell asleep a couple of times. Then I decided to pop some popcorn and read the talk "His Grace is Sufficient", THEN he finally woke up. While reading that talk,  I ended up thinking of one of the recent converts that we have been teaching.  I decided to share that with my companion, and then I told him that he can read the rest of that talk because we didn't cover the whole thing :)
1) we aren't on bikes 100% of the time and actually recently Elder Galvez and I have been driving the car a lot because we have had appointments really close together in time, but all the way across the area, so we haven't had the chance to really ride bikes.

2) My companion's has been out 6 months, but has been in the mission field almost his whole mission instead of spending time in the Missionary Training Center because he didn't have to learn spanish (Peruvian).

3) We don't knock doors or tract every day.  We have district meetings each Friday, and zone meetings once a month.

4) On New Years Eve we didn't actually get in until about 8:30 because the members we were with kept talking to us and then when we were leaving they gave us a lot of food, then we had to pick up Elder Galvez's laundry from a member's house because he forgot to pick it up.  Kept us busy!

This week was pretty awesome, except for the sickness in my stomach.. I started feeling sick the day that Elder Galvez started getting better and then I ended getting sicker 1-2 days after. We surprisingly had a lot of lessons this week, despite our illnesses.  We will be calendaring baptismal dates this week because they are really interested and they believe all that we are teaching.  One of them has been taught by missionaries for a while and he knows the stuff.   He hasn't been baptized yet because he has work every day and he couldn't come to 1pm church very often. 
       We had a lot of success this week :) Especially Saturday, we had a completely planned day, except maybe 1 hour.  We ended up getting 6 lessons with people, 1 with a member, 3 without, and 2 with less-actives :) We were so tired, but it was so fun to have that many lessons in one day! We ended up teaching 15 total lessons, 6 of them being on Saturday, which is kinda funny to think about. I know it isn't about the numbers, but each number represents people who have been touched and recognize that something might be missing from their busy lives.

On Sunday, we had the opportunity to attend the baptism of one of the investigators of a sister from my Mexico City MTC district, which was great because the investigator was a guy that Elder Galvez found. Elder Galvez stopped teaching that guy about a month ago when the guy moved to the sisters' area, and now just a few weeks later he gets baptized! His old companion and I keep making the joke that he just needed the Sisters to come :)

I really can't think of much else that happened this week other than me realizing how real it is that I, and other missionaries, can receive revelation for the people in our area. We helped a few people open up more to us by just sharing short messages that we felt would benefit them.  This work is amazing.  Heavenly Father really does know His children, and if we, as missionaries, are close to the spirit, He can help us understand those to whom we teach!

I love you guys and good luck, Carolyn, on the whole being old thing :P I can't believe that you are married!

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