Wednesday, January 15, 2014

If the Savior Stood beside me? What would I be saying or doing?

Letter #21
January 13, 2014
Area: Broadway 2 East
Companion: Galvez
Hey guys! This week has been pretty good for me too, but sadly we are going to stop teaching some people for a while because they are not all that interested anymore... :( But you all sound like you had a pretty good week :) And by the way, I think the best wedding picture was the Brothers-in-law :P Carolyn, they knew it was you having the reception, so they had to have that counseling on a different floor the same night :P
Carolyn, did you go? ;)
 Mom, the funniest thing happened when I went to get the flu shot today, they need the information that you sent me, but I didn't have it, so I just have to go back a different day...

Kimmie, glad that you are having a son...I am excited that the boys are really taking over in this family :P adding a couple more :)  Being outnumbered with sisters growing up...this is pay-back!

Well, now on to the week... We had a really fun week, we had interviews/training with President Crawford on Thursday, and we found out on Friday that we are doing a mission-wide 40-day fast. We aren't fasting from food for 40 days, we are fasting from habits and behaviors that detract from missionary work and the spirit. We started this yesterday, and I am excited to show the Lord my willingness to follow his will and give up some of my ways for His ways.  There is an article that would be good to read (it is really long, but really packed full of good information) talks about "Come Unto Me" by Jeffrey R. Holland..."I say, Come unto him(Christ) and lay down your burden. Let him lift the load. Let him give peace to your soul. "

We saw a couple of miracles happen this week, and the biggest one happened during Hour of Power. We knocked a street right next to a less-active's house after we shared a short message with them, and the second door we knocked was opened by this really nice lady. She was talking to us for a little bit and when we asked if we could share our message with her, she invited us in (which isn't very common...). I was super excited until we asked if there was a man inside and she said that there wasn't.(keeping to our mission rules that if there is no male in the home, then we, as males, are not to enter.  The sisters would have been fine, since they are female, anyway rules keep everyone safe, and we will remain obedient).... so, We set up a time to come back the next day and then continued down the street knocking doors. We knocked one more door but this person told us to go away, so we knocked another door and a couple of girls answered it. We talked to them and they were super fun.  When we asked them if we could share our message they pulled a couple of chairs onto the porch and we taught them. .We had been super sad that we weren't going to get our Hour of Power lesson, but we followed the rules, and because we followed the rules, God blessed us with the chance of getting 3 new investigators instead of just 1.   I guess the moral of this story is that obedience really does bring blessings, so as we continue in obedience to the things that God has asked us to do, he will bless us in more ways than we can imagine :)

When we went back yesterday to teach those 2 girls again, we found their family on the porch and talked to them. Their uncle ended up being really interested, so we got his information to give to the elders in the area where he lives :) We were blessed in finding the girls, then blessed even more in finding their uncle for the other elders.

Bye, until next week....

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