Sunday, July 19, 2015

Teachings of Christ and then applying them..brings us closer to God

Letter #98
July 12, 2015
Area: Baytown
Companion: Hepworth

This last week has been a bit different for us than in weeks past, and it was quite interesting. Monday while we were at dinner with a member, somebody backed into our car and left a few dents in it, so when we got out and saw it, we had to call Elder Swank. He ended up taking the car to repair it on Tuesday, so we had a week full of biking, which was kind of good because we were having a hard time getting in with investigators, so it got us out contacting a lot more. We had a rough time finding people to talk to for the first few days, but then we saw a ton of miracles in contacting on the weekend. From Friday through the end of Sunday we contacted a total of 94 people, which was amazing! We got a good number of potentials that are pretty interested and we were able to set up appointments for a few of them.

We had the wonderful opportunity to continue working with Hermana Galvez, who wants to be baptized on the 1st of August, but we are facing problems in getting her to church. We have found that we probably need to change our teaching style in order to help her better understand the importance of church. So far we have taught her the majority of the lessons and we are thinking of ways to be able to help her more.

We have also been working with Mario, who sadly won't be able to make his date for the 25th of July.  We have to go in there and talk to him a little more about what his desires are.  The pathway to becoming a member of Christ's church does include reading about Christ (thru scripture reading) and attending church each week.  He seems to be willing to learn, but we have to gauge whether he just wants to be doing a "bible study" or an actual application of the teachings of Christ.  Only by applying Christ's teaching can we make the changes, and stick with those changes that bring us to Christ.  Satan uses procrastination as a tool, so we just need to help Mario to make and keep decisions that will take him to Christ.

We are excited to pick up on teaching Ulises and Andrea again because they are finally back from their trip to Mexico! We have a lesson already set up with them with the Branch Mission Leader, Hermano Valadez, who, along with his wife.  Looking forward to this visit.

The district has been working hard despite the setbacks that always come. The Hermanas have had a hard time finding new investigators, but they keep going out there and working hard. All of us have found that we have been kind of falling into a ' contacting' rut, but, with Elder Dennis help and advice, we will put into practice more variety into our contacting...making it fun and interesting by using the Gospel Art Book. We found a good amount of success in finding potentials as we used it on exchanges and I have committed the Hermanas to do the same.

This week we have interviews with President Drake on Wednesday, making it so I will be interviewed by him twice in the span of about 3 weeks.

I love you guys,
Elder Stanley Scott Dye

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