Monday, July 27, 2015

Multiple Blessing from the Lord--you just need to look

Letter #99
July 19, 2015
Area: Baytown
Companion: Hepworth

First, missionary work with ipads isnt too much different, you can use them to share videos and pictures and stuff right now, but the main changes are yet to come, and I doubt they will arrive while I'm here. They will begin to use them as their planners and records for the people they meet and teach, and they will eventually begin to use facebook and skype to teach and find. I haven't even bothered carrying my ipad with me while we have been on bikes because I see no point in having it when Elder Hepworth has his and I can't do anything with it.

This week was very interesting and a little bit difficult, but we were able to find success regardless of the fact that we struggled a little. I have been taking care of my bike and made it almost two years without any problems other than flat tires, but two weeks before I go home, on Saturday, my axle broke, but we were able to catch it soon enough that Elder Hepworth and I were able to tear my bike wheel apart and replace the axle with one from a spare wheel we had. That took a little bit of time on Saturday, but we were able to still get out and talk with multiple people and even teach 4 people, who sadly live in a different area and don't exactly understand the importance of our message.

We had multiple blessings from the Lord, including Hermana Galvez finally being able to come back to church, Mario finally coming, and Andrea and Ulises coming back home from Mexico and still being super prepared. We were extremely excited to see each of them start progressing again. We have been working hard with each of them and they always had little things holding them back from being progressing.

We found some success contacting this week, we found a man that is super prepared and has already read from the Book of Mormon and he just has to gain a testimony of it. We also found a really awesome woman during Hour of Power and her only concern is that her husband might not be quite as receptive. We finally got to get in with a woman named Beatriz, who we found on exchanges with Elder Dennis, but we were never able to get in with her, and a man named Jose, who was a referral from the English Elders and just happens to be really interested in learning more.

The district in all has been doing well, we are all just struggling with by having a small teaching pool and trying to find new people. We have some really amazing people that are super close to baptism and should be baptized pretty soon.

I love you guys,
Elder Stanley Scott Dye

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