Sunday, March 29, 2015

A third transfer! another 6 weeks! Additional companion

Letter #77
February 16, 2015
Area: Trinity River (Yes!)
Companions: Gamez AND Reed

I'm just kidding  about not having time (or the desire to write:). We just had transfers and Elder Gamez and I are actually staying together for a third transfer! This is the first time that either of us have had a companion for three transfers, but the twist is that we ended up getting a trio, our other companion is named Elder Reed. He came out with Elder Heath and Elder Anderson trained him in the same district as me.

This last week went decently well, we had a really hard time contacting some people that we have been teaching, and some of the less-actives in the branch are active now, so our number of lessons took a huge hit. We were working a lot towards finding new people and new areas that are more densely populated with Hispanics. It really seems like we will be able to turn around the area this week though because with Elder Reed, we have knocked on a total of three or four doors while finding, a lady opened the first one and talked a little bit with us and then let us right in, we got to teach her and she is going to let us come back, so she is a new investigator. Then we knocked a couple more without any answers, but then the last one we knocked we ended up with a potential investigator, and he seems really willing. I know that this transfer we are capable of baptizing, and I honestly feel like if we do our part and have the faith, we could baptize multiple people, as long as we put that trust in the Lord.

I love you guys,
Elder Stanley Scott Dye

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