Sunday, March 29, 2015

A Priesthood Ordination and an Unexpected Transfer

Letter #81
March 16, 2015
Area: Trinity River / Liberty
Companions: Gamez/Reed, and Syrie

Well there is exciting news from this week, Ernesto got the Aaronic Priesthood! Then also this Tuesday we got a call from President Drake, Elder Croney, who was serving with Elder Syrie in the English ward in Liberty, got his Visa and went to the Czech Republic, but they pulled me over to the English ward that evening. This week as you probably know, was pretty interesting for me. It was a great week though because Elder Syrie and I have been really putting our faith and trust in the Lord. We don't have too many people that we are teaching, but we were able to follow the Spirit to know where to go to find people and to know what to teach. In fact after President Drake shared his insights and the way that some missionaries in his mission had been led by the Lord, we have done that same method a couple of times and we know of two streets that we need to knock, one of them is currently flooded and there is no way of getting there. We were able to continue teaching Margaret S, and we actually were able to go over and give her a blessing yesterday because she wasn't feeling well, making it so she couldn't come to church on Sunday, and she felt better immediately. She could feel the love of God for her and she could feel His care in sending us to help. I love the Priesthood and the abilities it has.

Speaking of Margaret, she is pushing forward with faith, she just ran out of her medication and it was causing her to have pain and have unclear thoughts, so the blessing was an immediate relief of that. She is a very faith-filled person and she has a desire to keep learning and feeling the Spirit. There is no doubt in my mind that she will be baptized, but we have to push it back to a later date.

I am excited to be here in the Liberty Ward and work with the English people, and I have been finding a theme in the people we come in contact with. As we have faith that the Lord will lead us to prepared people, we have been led to people who have had discontent with what they have, or they have been to many churches and haven't found one that really felt right. We look forward to teaching many new people, including Ernesto C's sister, who we found yesterday while biking around.

The transfer ends on March 31st, so I don't know if I'll stay or not, I have mixed feelings about it because I miss Spanish, but I love these people.

I love you guys,
Elder Stanley Scott Dye 

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