Friday, August 15, 2014

Seeing the Fruits of our Labors

Letter # 50
August 11, 2014
Area: Broadway-Central
Companions: Spencer and Petersen

 This week went well for us, we are working hard and are starting to see the fruits of those efforts. We haven't been getting as many lessons as we would like, but we know that we are doing our best and we are getting more new people and we are helping the less-actives from the ward. We believe that the service and love we are showing to others is causing the change in their actions because we had 3 less-actives come to church this week!

We had the opportunity to teach one of the less-actives that we found last transfer, and help her move out of her dad's apartment and into her own. She said that now we can go and knock on her door to wake her up for church if she doesn't message us in the morning saying that she is awake. She is really excited to get back into going to church, and she was able to attend the baptism that our ward had this last Saturday. She met the bishop of the ward and we got her to church so she could participate and get to know some other members in the ward.

We also had the opportunity to find and teach a couple of new people that seem more interested/willing to act than the ones that we have been teaching in the past. We are excited to take part in allowing them to find out the truth for themselves and to partake of the blessings of the gospel. We did visit a couple of the investigators that we have taught in the past.  As we mature in the mission, we realize that our approach needs to change- we have shifted our vision from teaching them in a way that is just throwing information at them to now trying to help them see what they can gain from it and why it would be important. We are having them think of goals that they can set for themselves to get them to progress.  It is a good approach because it has personal agency involved, which is one of the true gifts Heavenly Father has given to us...personal agency, personal goals, personal 'change of heart' = slowing down enough to know and feel the love that Heavenly Father has for each of His children.

As for the people behind those four doors that we contacted before (the ones that Carolyn is asking about), I have no idea what happened to the first guy, I assume the English missionaries are seeing him, but if not, I will ask them to do so. The second person hasn't had anything happen with her, we have seen her once since that initial contact, and she still isn't interested. The less-active we found as a result of knocking on the third door is the one we helped move, and she is super awesome. We almost had a member present lesson with her, and she came to church on Sunday because we were able to knock on her door. And the last guy we found has gone to church, but said that he didn't really like it, mainly because he didn't feel like he learned anything (we think he just went to sacrament meeting and left before the classes...)

That about sums up our week, it was a pretty good one, could've been better, but we are starting to get there.

I love you guys,
Elder Stanley Scott Dye

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