Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Work Continues On...

Letter # 11
November 4, 2013
area: Broadway 3
Companion: Thomas

Thank you so much for the good stories! :) And to answer your questions:

The work is still going...going slow, but going. We really have been trying to find people to teach--I mean a lot of finding this week-- because we keep trying to connect with those who said 'yes, come on by,' but they won't be home. Personally, it has been really sad seeing the lack of commitment-- people aren't doing what they say they will and they won't be home when they ask us to come back.    We taught Lilian (oops, I thought her name was Liliana because of how her accent makes it sound, but it's Lilian) a couple times, but we haven't seen her in a while.  She's either been too busy or gone when we show up.  I was really sad that she didn't come to church again on Sunday. We are starting to be a little less hopeful with her.  The gospel truly would be a blessing in her life. 

We recently started using the "Willing and Brief" invitation ourselves as we contact.  Yesterday alone we got at least 7 people who were willing to have us teach them, one fed us dinner :), and we actually taught another one.  Also, one bright moment--this week we got one of our investigators to accept a date for baptism.  We really had to focus on how he needs to make certain changes in his life in order to be baptized, and to be able to live with God, Jesus, and his family. We taught him the blessings of the Plan of Salvation, and helped him learn about everything he needs to do..

Personally, I believe that the Work of Salvation is hastening, and I like how much members can help us; but I really dislike how little they actually do... Really, our most effective lessons with investigators have been with members present.  Unfortunately most members don't think this way--they think it is only their job to help us find people, then for us missionaries to do all the teaching.  That approach really needs to change... I would ask all of you to be willing to open up your homes for investigator lessons and the missionaries.  And please go out with the missionaries to help teach lessons when you have some free time.  It really does help and they appreciate it.  I know this because I'm a missionary!  And you can also ask them what the lesson will be, and what parts you can help with :) 

I'm glad you all enjoyed your Halloween! And thank you mom for that package, it really filled up a cupboard, and I enjoyed showing my companion my Mother's amazing never-ending packages :) And I did share with my companion.  [note from mom: Elder Dye's 5 older sisters all talked about mom's amazing Mary Poppins 'I-can't-believe-she-fit-all-this-in-that-one-package!' type of package. Now he has experienced the wonder and joy of receiving one!  Glad that I could put a smile of his face:) ]

And transfers are next Tuesday, but I doubt either of us are getting transferred.  The mission uses a "12 week program" to train, so I believe they usually leave you there for at least 2 transfers. We'll see.  I  can't really think of any super spiritual experiences from this week.  We really need to knock on doors more sometimes, instead of riding around.  Even though knocking isn't always effective, you never know who the Lord has prepared, so maybe that one time of persevering, and knocking, just might be effective!!...I have been sent here, to Houston, for a reason.... so I'll keep working on....

And Carolyn, yes I would love an invitation...and that tie ;)  And, Angela, thanks for the scripture 1 Peter 3:15 "Sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear.”   I will do my best to be always ready.

Elder Stanley Scott Dye

Hey, I finally remembered my camera cord, so here are a few pictures to enjoy:
My 1st district after arriving in Houston

Houston's Minute Maid Stadium, outside our mission backyard!

Cool car seen Halloween day--it even has a miniature battle scene on the car's hood!

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