Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Listening to and following the voice of the Savior

Letter #12
November 11 2013
Area: (transfer week) still Broadway 3
Companion: Thomas
This week we prayed to be guided to the people that we could share the gospel with, or to those that we needed to talk to.  While we were out, we found one lady that was an amazing referral for the English missionaries.  She said that she was fine with us coming over whenever because she felt God's love while talking to us, and that is what she needed lately.  Also, right after praying to find people, I talked to a group of guys and it turns out that one was a member trying to turn around his life from the bad life it had became.  We were able to invite him back to church, and he'll be playing basketball with us today.  It's amazing what happens when we take the time to truly be in tune with the spirit, and then are quiet enough to be guided to where the Lord needs us.  There is a peace and joy about the Work, and a feeling of warmth inside.
        Yesterday we had the craziest experience.  Elder Thomas and I were having a slow day and had nothing to do from 8-9pm because nobody seemed to be out, so we were heading back home to lock our bikes and start walking. On the way home we passed this woman walking/stumbling down the middle of the road mumbling.  Later, at about 8:50ish, we were walking back home and we were pretty close to home. I was just telling my companion a story and right then, I saw her again. This time she was on the sidewalk squatting in the beetle position and she was muttering something.  All of the heat left my body, and I felt like I was as white as a ghost. My mind went blank and the words froze in my mouth. My companion wondered why I stopped talking and then he saw her.  When he saw her, the same thing happened to him. We started walking faster to the apartment and kept looking over our shoulders.  It felt like she would be right there because she was possessed or something... It felt like she was a zombie in her own body....that's the only way I can describe it.  We quickly got back to our apartment, but I didn't warm up until we were inside for a while and even then it felt like I had ice inside my chest. I kept having the feeling that she was outside the apartment, so I kept checking until I finally had to go to bed. I prayed for a long time that night because I was scared.  I'm fine now, but that was the single most freaky thing I've ever experienced....

This week I've experienced polar opposite  internal feelings: those where I felt the spirit of the Lord inside--peaceful and warm feeling,  and then in contrast the cold, empty feeling experienced with that freaky lady.  I'm thankful that I can turn to my Savior and pray for guidance, peace and comfort, and actually receive these blessing, as well as safety while out here on my mission. 

--until next week

Note:  this contrast in feelings that Elder Dye went through this week led me to this message:  Voice of the Spirit.

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