Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Arrival to Mexico City MTC, and official 1st day

So today Elder Scott Dye has officially started his 1st day as a missionary in Mexico City, and was welcomed with a 6.2 earthquake!
 There is that old saying "No news is good news."  We only have the contact that he made with us last night letting his family know that he is well and made it safely there. We have not heard anything from Mexico City today, so "no news is good news."   Below is part of his 'I am here' email...

Hello family!

I just got here to the Mexico MTC and it is beautiful and amazing! I had a delay for my first flight from San Jose to LA, and I had to check my carry-on because the bins above were tiny. In LAX, while waiting for my carry-on bag to be returned, I started talking to the guy who sat across the aisle from me on the first flight. I got to tell him about my mission and he seemed really interested and he was nice.  LAX is so huge I almost couldn't get to my next flight because I didn't know where to go...  Luckily I found someone to help me and I was soon on my way to the new terminal.  While waiting in line for going through security, again, I talked with another guy about my mission, so it was really fun!  I was super confused when I got to my gate because there was no other elders there, though I remember the Missionary Travel lady said that there should be a group because LA is a hub for the Mexico MTC. I got to Mexico and I found my way to the brother who picked me up, and now I'm checked into the MTC.

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