Monday, August 3, 2015

A Week Full of Blessings!

Letter #101 (last one!)
August 3, 2015
Area: Baytown
Companion: Hepworth

This last week of my mission has been full of blessings. We had the opportunity to first meet Brian, the son of Hermana Galvez, and he was there pushing her along in preparation for her baptism. She had her interview on Thursday, which was going longer and longer...she was in there for about an hour, but she passed and did just fine. She was then baptized on Saturday, but we were extremely nervous until she actually got in the font and got immersed. The water heater in the Baytown building works quite a bit better than most of the other chapels, so the water at first was blazing hot. we opened the accordion doors and it was all fogged up. We had put in cold water starting at around halfway, but it was still just way too hot. We ended up turning on the cold water again, and Brian got in and unplugged the font to let out some hot water and circulate the water, but it was still too hot for his mom. We were doing that for about 10 minutes, then an idea came to my We ended up running into the kitchen while everyone else was singing hymns and bearing testimony and grabbing the 3 bags of ice that have been in the freezer for weeks. Even with the ice we had to wait a little longer, then it was finally cool enough to get Vilma in the water. Then everything proceeded as scheduled and was very spiritual, but I could tell that Satan wasn't happy that Hermana Galvez was finally getting baptized. The Hermana's and we had some investigators there at the baptism, we had Andrea show up, and the Hermana's had Modesto show up. Afterwards, everyone was having a great time with the refreshments and each of the investigators were talking with a lot of the members. Then the next day, Sunday was great, we had the confirmation of Hermana Galvez by Brian and we were able to participate. I just felt the love of the Lord so strongly after the confirmation and felt really glad that the Lord blessed me with this opportunity my last weekend.

Sunday, after church there was a child's baptism as well and after attending that, we went to eat with the Galvez family, and then we were blessed with 3 lessons and 2 new investigators starting from 6:30pm and on.

I'll see you all tomorrow (I hope)!
I love you guys,
Elder Stanley Scott Dye

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