Sunday, February 22, 2015

A marriage and 2 Baptisms...

Letter #76
February 9, 2015
Area: Trinity River
Companion: Gamez

It sounds like you all had a good week, but I still don't see any family pictures :P  It is crazy how time flies. Elder Gamez and I were talking about how these 2 transfers have blended into 1 and have flown by! We get transfer calls this weekend, which is a little hard to believe...but what is harder to believe is that it is February 9th and it is 79 degrees outside, and it is only about 1:20pm, I hope this doesn't mean that this summer will be extremely hot...

This week went really well, we were able to make progress with most of the people we have been working with. Over the last few weeks the attendance in the branch has been going up! It has been in the mid to high 40s instead of in the 30s! We have had some of the less-active families from the branch, as well as investigators, there each week. The highlights of the week were the marriage and baptisms of the Chavez family! We were able to meet their sons and daughters and talk with them.  They are all interested and willing to learn more about what has helped their parents 'shine' so much, so we will be trying to meet with them to share our message sometime this week.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve here in the Trinity River Branch, I have learned so much while serving here! I am glad to be of service to the branch and to the people here. The Chavez family has grown so much in their understanding and they can feel the Spirit working with them. Ernesto and Francisca were both in tears during the baptismal service and wedding and were so happy they couldn't describe it. I can only describe it as them having found the Pearl of Great Price and having given all of themselves to get it and accept it into their lives. I am so glad to have been part of the Chavez's lives and conversion, now I hope to be able to be part of the lives and conversions of their children.
 I do have pictures, but didn't bring the camera's cable, so maybe next week.

I love you guys,
Elder Stanley Scott Dye

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