Sunday, January 4, 2015

Good Learning Experience- in Patience

Letter #68
December 15, 2014
Area: Trinity River
Companion: Gamez

It sounds like you all had a great week, but it sounds like the cold weather has started...well, everywhere except here, right now it is 80 degrees, but the rest of this week looks like it'll rain and be in the 60s.

This week went well, we have been working more with the Chavez family, and we have been meeting more of the people that the hermanas taught. A lot of people came to church this week, but a couple of them don't really seem too interested in us teaching them, yet they come to church because they like to come or because they have family in the church. One of these people is the husband of a woman in the ward and he seems to be warming up to us a little more, but whenever we go visit their family, he goes into the bedroom. The other has some kind of problem with the Book of Mormon, but he works out of town all week, so we haven't had the chance to teach him yet.

The Chavez family is coming along great, they are pretty sure about being baptized this coming Sunday, we just need to make sure we can teach them the commandments, but they have a pretty good testimony of the stuff we have taught so far. The only worry I have about them is whether or not they will be ready for this Sunday. We hope that we won't have to push their date back a week, but that might have to happen.

We got to meet with April and Valeria, the nonmember daughters of a RS teacher, and we got to help them understand some things a little more. We felt like in their case the hermanas were just going too fast on the lessons and weren't teaching quite to their understanding.  We are taking the time to resolve concerns they have and to help them know what they need to do to know the truth of these things. We feel like soon enough they will find their answer and choose to be baptized.

I can tell that being with Elder Gamez has been, and will be, a good learning experience because it has been a test of patience. I very much like moving fast and not taking many breaks, as well as concentrating at the task at hand, at least when it comes to planning and preparing for the activities of the day.  Elder Gamez is pretty much the opposite. I love serving with him and he has a great testimony, I just wish we could move a little faster in the unnecessary things... I am just trying to be grateful for the things I have been given, I also enjoy laughing with Elder Gamez about the little funny or dumb things that we do.

I wish I had more time, but we should get going,
I love you guys,
Elder Stanley Scott Dye

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