Sunday, May 25, 2014

Progressing in the work of the Lord

Letter #37
May 12, 2014
Area: Humble, Texas
Companion: Anderson

        It was a great week this week and I especially liked the things I learned throughout all of it. During the week, Elder Anderson and I have been continuing to grow the area.  Though we haven't had a lot of opportunities to find and teach the people that Elder Owens and I taught,  Elder Anderson and I have had the chance to find more people and expand ourselves in contacting, and relying on asking inspired questions. We had a very uplifting Zone Meeting on Friday based mostly on internalizing our missionary purpose and how it will help the work progress forward. I feel like that is an area that I can improve on, and others have expressed the same thoughts.  We all said that the Zone Meeting helped, and ever since I have been thinking more about the 'purpose filter' and what I can do to think of helping investigators (and less-actives) progress in knowing their Father in Heaven.  This process will help us help them to internalize the lessons rather than us looking at the lesson numbers. As we have shifted our focus, we have already noticed a progression in the work and that the Lord is blessing us with more opportunities to teach people. 
     Going along with learning this week, I had the opportunity to go on an exchange with Elder Willden, with him coming up into our area. As we were planning, and going throughout our day, we realized there were many ways we can allow the Lord to bless us in the work. I had the opportunity to stretch myself, and my confidence, because Elder Willden speaks no Spanish, and the people we visited either didn't speak English, or weren't fluent in English. Because Elder Willden was with me, I really had to make sure I listened closely to our investigators and let the spirit guide what I said and what I translated for Elder Willden in order to help him understand what the investigators needed.  I know that I was stretch and bettered because of this exchange.

After Zone meeting, I have read through the talk in our orientation binder about the missionary purpose, and I have studied it thoroughly to find out ways in which I can internalize the purpose and let it drive me.  Afterwards I went through the chart on the "The Fourth Missionary" talk, which allowed me to do an in-depth analysis of myself, and my heart and mind, to truly be honest with myself and know what things I currently lack. I am beginning to make goals for how I plan to apply what I have learned and allow it to drive me and help me change myself greatly so I am what the Lord wants me to be.  I am looking forward to this journey.

Our area has been growing continually since Elder Anderson and I have been together.  We are trying to take on a new project of helping one of the less-actives (as 20 year-old) get back to church and go on a mission. Our first efforts are to help him feel the spirit and encouraging him to be consistent in reading the Book of Mormon.

On another note:
Here is a picture of one of the family's that have been supportive in our area. 
Humble, Texas area with Elder Owens and myself, and Familia Pilataxi.

I love you guys, I hope you have a wonderful week!

Elder Stanley Scott Dye

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