Saturday, October 19, 2013

Estoy entendiendo más español cada día

Letter # 7/8
Oct. 14, 2013
Houston, Texas
Companion: Thomas

Translation:  I understand more Spanish every day.

Well, I've been out in the field for 2 weeks, and the work that we are doing doesn't always feel productive or successful.  We do have 6 people we are teaching, but it is just 2 families and one other person--out of this whole area that we have.  So we have been trying to find more people to teach, or just find people who are actually ready to listen. We contact on the street, but there is hardly anyone on the streets...And we knock on doors--a lot, but those who do answer are English speakers...and since we are Spanish missionaries, we end up sending a lot, I mean a lot, of referrals to the English elders.
     As missionaries, we have a planning meeting before heading out for the day, so we have had a lot of long days of almost nothing working out as planned.  Like this last week, we had a couple of days that seemed like they would be pretty productive--we had multiple appointments set up and everything, but then most of the appointments fell through.   We ended up knocking or trying a bunch of former investigators who just happened to either 1) not be home or 2) not wanting to listen.  I'm not giving up--I still have hope that behind one of those doors is a Spanish speaking John Tanner (the man who was converted almost right away and basically saved the Kirtland Temple and gave the modern-day equivalent of millions of dollars to the church and asked nothing in exchange).  I know that there is a reason that we are in this area...we eventually will find those searching for the peace the gospel can bring...we need them to be still and listen.  In the meantime, we'll continue knocking, biking around, talking, testifying about Christ, and handing out Article of Faith cards...we'll probably continue having rough days, but my companion just says that we need to keep our eyes open and look for Heavenly Father's little miracles because they are out there for us.  
    Also this week, the Stake President wanted all the missionaries in the stake to sing in the stake conference this next week, so we had Choir practice yesterday.  There were probably about 60 missionaries or more there. I'll let you know how it goes this next week.
     I am feeling the importance of member missionary work.  It certainly would help us out more.  We do have the ward mission leader helping us, but we do need more helpers in 'finding' those that the Lord has prepared.  The Church has introduced a series of videos to provide an introduction to the Church, its members, and its various programs and organizations. Here is the link: Mormon-introduction-videos
 Love you all a lot!

Your favorite missionary, son, and brother,
Elder Stanley Scott Dye :)

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