Sunday, September 15, 2013

Another week of learning completed!

letter #3
September 9, 2013

I'm getting used to the language thing...but the four hermanas in my district are getting discouraged because they can´t understand what the investigators are saying, so I´ve been trying to reinforce their faith in themselves..

Family's questions: 1) Is the Mexico City Temple close to the MTC- walking distance or bus? we take the old Benemerito High School buses there (they have the name changed to CCM México though) it takes anywhere from 30ish minutes to 1.5hrs to get to the temple because the traffic is crazy here... put it this way, I would literally never be able to know how to drive here because half of the time people don´t even use "lanes." Our MTC president said that he loves driving here because it gets his adrenaline rushing every time...  

2) Do they have you give talks in church?   well, we do have talks, but they have the district leader assign the talk from their district, and we had a testimony meeting, so we have only had 2 people give talks. The 1st one I assigned and somebody from the district offered for the 2nd one. But I think you would be impressed to hear that I was assigned by my zone leader to conduct the Sacrament meeting (in spanish). a side note: I can't believe that I've been here 4 weeks!

Oh, well this last friday/saturday (sept. 6/7th) I had an amazing experience! We got home from our studying time in the evening, and Elder Rivera (one of our Hispanic dormmates) asked us to help give a blessing to his companion (the district leader of their district). When we went into the room and he said he did not want a blessing, but he was super sad, and really discouraged because he felt that he did not have a testimony of this work... I knew he had a testimony before because I could see and feel it before. I stayed and talked with him.  I told him a lot of things, and I said that the Lord qualifies those whom He calls and there was a reason for him to be here or else God would not have called him. I kept talking to him, being led by the spirit, and I got him to accept a blessing. I went into the other room to get the others, and I saw the others praying for God to help this elder and to help me say the words that were needed. The next day, Saturday, when we were going back to our dorm, Elder Decker and I saw that elder, and he looked completely different-- he looked happy. When we got in the dorm, he told me that when he woke up that morning, he could not even remember why he felt so bad and he said that he was sure that he would stay on his mission :)  I know it was mostly the Lord who helped him and I was just the Lord's spokesperson. That elder even had the opportunity to participate in blessing one of the sisters in his district because she felt the same way as he had the day before. He said that I not only saved his mission, but that I saved hers too, and I will have had an influence on everyone that they teach as well. :) You never know how much of an effect that you can have by just talking to someone who is sad.  So, be alert and take the time to try to change a sad heart into a happy one-- Until next week.

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